Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Doctor Vent

I stopped taking one of my meds. Well, more like choosing not to take them. I am not trying to be all 'I feel fine, I TOTALLY don't need my meds'. I just keep putting off going to the dr's to renew my prescription. I hate going to the dr. It's such a chore. It takes a lot of effort just to get 60 pills so I can be stable for two months. I don't understand why I can't just call it in. I have been on these pills for a few years now, there is nothing new about that. So why does that mean I have to see a dr (after waiting for 1-2 hours in the clinic) so often for the paperwork? It doesn't make sense to me. End rant. I want to figure out what side effects are coming from which med. Pregnancy pressure is getting to me and I want to ease the anxiety by attempting to control at least one thing in my life. A baby was never part of MY plan. It's always been for someone else. Which is wrong. And why I know I can't be a mom. Yet, anyway. But should it happen (cause whoamikidding Husband is all about IT lately) I would like to be somewhat prepared. But like most things in my life, I would like to delay pregnancy for as long as possible. I have too many other plans in the works.