Thursday, June 30, 2011

Water Water Everywhere...

I am really picky about the water I drink. Not in a princessy way, more in a flavour way. My taste-buds can pick up the tiniest inkling of chlorine; the bitterness of improperly filtered contaminants; and the overload of too many chemicals in tap water. When I lived in the prairies of Canada, I can remember how rich the tap water was. It was soooo yummy. Moving to Vancouver was such a change. And although the city has some of the best & safest drinking water in Canada, I have to say that after 17 years, I still can't bear to drink the stuff. 

Then I discovered a particular brand of bottled water that quenches my thirst like no other. It's super cheap, is sourced & bottled in Canada, and is pretty much the only beverage I drink. Big Applause for Shopper's Drug Mart Bottled Spring Water. 

Husband and I buy quarts of these jugs of water like we're stocking up for Armageddon. It's crazy I tell ya. We get some weird looks at the till, but it's well worth it.

Living in our new little mountain town, I have yet to develop a taste for the tap water. It tastes like dirt and makes me want to throw up. Some times after having drunk it, I actually have thrown up. So we continue to buy our water. 

But today we are out of water. And there is a "Don't Drink the Water" advisory in town. And I am without a vehicle in which to go get more water. Milk is not going to help with my dehydration; pop = blech; alcohol will only bring on more dehydration... so I try grapefruit juice. Bad idea. 

Here's hoping that Husband gets home soon with the next delivery of H2O....

Please know that this is a not an advertisement for Shopper's Drug Mart or their bottled spring water. I just really really love it, and really really need some...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One Stressy Weekend

This upcoming weekend my mom is coming to town. It's just for two nights. She won't even be in the house for a full 48 hours. But the anxiety I feel in making sure that our home is immaculately clean is more overwhelming than the thought of being in a car with no brakes.
There is some dust, smudges on the bathroom mirror, and the odd tumbleweed of cat-hair, but we keep our home clean. Relatively clean. And by we, I mean mostly me. Husband helps with chores, but I do 87% of the vacuuming, dusting, dishes, Swiffering, scrubbing of the bathroom facilities, cleaning of the cat shitter-box, etc etc. Husband helps tidy when we have company over. He is really good at getting rid of clutter. I am really good at creating clutter. But that's another story for another day.
However, when my mom comes to visit, I feel this need to make sure our home is ridiculously clean - like Danny Tanner clean. My need to live up to my mom's standards has been an 'all-my-life' thing, and cleanliness is something that I never want her to judge me on. In the rational part of my brain, I know she doesn't really care, but in that tiny maniacal sector at the back, I am a crazy nut with a high-speed dustbuster chasing the cats when they leave a trail of litter coming from their shit-box. I am a Swiffer addict - dusting EVERY surface in our home, Swiffer-sweeping & Swiffer-mopping the floors. Oh Swiffer - I love thee so...
Where was I?
And then there is the gardening... we've been neglecting. A lot. I mean, we have been watering our flowers, but as for the empty flower pots - they have just become a catch-all for cigarette butts, firework leftovers, & other miscellaneous garbage. Classy, I know. Just glad our neighbours are far enough away that they can't see in the pots. We don't want to be those neighbours....
Seriously.... have a little pride in your home much?
So Thursday will be sent madly cleaning, gardening, tidying, & ensuring that our home smells like clean laundry & possibly some home-made pie.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

We're Officially Glampers Now!

I like to camp.
Let me clarify, I like to camp when it's warm out and not raining or muddy or cold or miserable outside.
And where I live, that means we can go camping between May long weekend and Labour day. Anytime before or after that is a "no guarantees that you'll stay dry, warm or sane" weekend.
Husband and I have tented since we have met. We have this huge mutha-fucking tent that is bigger than most people's kitchen's. The thing even has a built in sun room. It's a great tent, with space for a queen-size bed-in-a-bag, plus room for all of the rest of our shit, without feeling like we are stepping on our bed every time we climb through the tent. I love our tent, is what I am saying. Plus, our friend's have tent-envy, so that always makes us feel like champs.
But we're movin' on up... Husband's parents bought a new (to them) 5th wheel trailer and have graciously given us their old little camper. This 14-ft trailer rolled right out of the early 80's and right into our hearts. It's so quaint and adorable. The In-Laws took great care of it, and it shows. No leaks, new bedding, & some pretty sweet upgrades - like an extension for the bed to make it wider, and a button you can press with your knee to make the tap work automatically, instead of using one hand to hold the tap on while attempting to wash the other hand solo.
Did someone call 1986? 
The best part: our new little addition has a furnace, so we can camp year-round if we really want to. (Not that we would, but it's nice to know we have that as an option)

My new home away from home.
Now all we need to do is to name this puppy... any suggestions?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shower Toys

An aunt of my husband's was cleaning up her house before a big family gathering. Her son uses the main bathroom as his 'getting ready' bathroom, so she went in to make sure the room was neat and tidy. The kid is 19 so keeping his bathroom in order is not priority # 1. As she was cleaning up around the bathtub, she noticed this weird tube. Aunt-in-Law (AiL) didn't know what it was, and didn't want to leave it out for guests to find, so she brought it downstairs to ask her fiance if he knew what it was. As soon as Soon-to-be-Uncle-in-Law (StbUiL) saw it, he burst out laughing. StbUiL called over his daughter, who took one look, asked AiL whose it was and where she found it while also trying to control her laughter. AiL still didn't understand what was so funny until her son walked in the door. As he walked into the kitchen and saw what his mom was holding in her hand he turned bright red, grabbed the silicone sex toy out of his mom's hand and dashed to hide it in his room. Upon his return, AiL asked him what THAT was all about. "It's a Gigi***" he said. "I love it; it feels so good!"

***if you plan on googling Gigi - it's likely NSFW, but your man in your life will LOVE it.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My To-Do List

Every night as I try to fall asleep, I make lists in my head. Mostly the lists are about what I want to accomplish the next day. The lists are grandiose, and well-intended, however when I wake up in the morning the last thing I want to do is anything on The List. Cause seriously, who really wants to do clean the bathroom and do dishes first thing in the morning....
Something I do actually love doing all of the time: Organizing & Decorating. Although Husband and I moved into our place in March, we still have a multitude of packed boxes that we have just dumped in one room and then closed the door to hide the mess. It's sad really.
Since work has been slow lately, I am taking this time to attack the disaster room and finish turning our house into a home. There are pictures and mirrors to be hung; bookshelves to be filled; many, many items to be put away in a proper place; and lots of filing. I have a feeling that Husband will be coming home to a new layout of furniture in the bedroom at some point this week too. Not that he would have much say in the matter to begin with, but I hope he likes it!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Work-day Blues

Things are slowing down. I fear my project may be shut down soon and then I will have to find a real job. I am not prepared for that. I don't want to be prepared for that. I don't feel I can go back to working in an office with people again. I don't have much to offer elsewhere. My (long-time-ago) barista experience can only take me so far. My small town only offers so much. I am unconditioned for re-training my mind. You know, old dog, new tricks.... Insert other negative excuses here.

Insert project-saving wish here.