Monday, January 28, 2013

A Belated Update

I've been putting off writing for a while. I have a lot to say but just haven't felt like getting it out there. So much is going on and has happened since my last post. Here are the Cole's Notes in point form:

  • The kitten that I never wanted has been relocated. To a new home. A home that really truly wants him. A home with another kitten his age to play with. My anxiety and stress vanished the morning he was picked up and taken away. All is well with the animal world again.
  • The nursery is finally put together and ready to be the most amazing bedroom for our kidlet.
  • Aforementioned kidlet is scheduled to arrive in approximately 33 days. Give or take a week or two. Everyone around me suspects I will be early. I am as ready as I will ever be.... kidlet can arrive any time now. 
  • I am contemplating getting a doula for assistance during labour. The only thing holding me back is the cost. We truly can't afford it. We don't necessarily need one, but it would be nice for a non-medical person to be there, who can help Husband out with helping me out - especially when it comes to pain management. 
  • I also really want a birth photographer to document the labour. Another extraneous request of mine that we also cannot afford. Perhaps I will just keep a polaroid camera by my bedside and hope that the shots turn out... 
  • Christmas was spent with my family this year. It was a smashing success. I even had a reasonably cordial time around my step-mother. 
  • I got to see all of my besties during the holiday break; it was so nice to catch up with them all. I miss my special ladies. I get to see them maybe once a year, but it's always as if it was just yesterday that we last saw each other. 
  • I don't know if its the pregnancy hormones, or if i am truly getting better, but I have not had a dark episode in a very. long. time. Even if I try to conjure up what those feelings felt like, they seem so foreign, so distant. That makes me happy. I hope it lasts. I hope this is not just a calm before the storm. Postpartum Depression was my BIGGEST fear when I found out I was pregnant. It still is. But I know I have the support around me to help with it. Fingers crossed I can conquer the potential demons. Fingers crossed they don't even try to come out of their box.
  • Naming this kid is going to be really interesting. We have a name picked out for a boy, but girl names are SUPER HARD to agree on. Husband does not like boy names for girls, or even gender neutral names for girls. Fingers crossed it's a boy so that we won\t have to Rock, Paper, Scissors over a girl name....
  • Last night the dog met our kids' BFF (my best local friend had a baby in October and she brought him over for a visit). Dog was super good being around a baby, and although was a little concerned when he started to fuss, she did not freak out or get nervous. This is a HUGE step for her as she has never really seen or smelled a baby before, and we really had no idea how she would react to one. It makes me happy to know that she will be a loving and calm protector to our kid, and that she will be just fine with adjusting to the new addition. 
That is all.
Will keep you posted as to when this kidlet makes its debut!