Monday, December 3, 2012

Where I Am Told I Am Disgusting

We received a cat through no actual want on our part.
I was transporting a kitten from it's home (a co-workers' cat had kittens) to the neighbour of a former friend who wanted a cat. The day I brought it home for her, she decided that she would rather have an SPCA cat, and had conveniently got one from the SPCA that day. That SAME day. Without telling me. Or apologizing. And I happened to be going overseas for three weeks, two days later. But that's another story.
So we are stuck. With this cat. The cat from hell.
I generally don't mind cats. I grew up with them. I've had more than one at a time, on several occasions.
But I have never had a cat (until now) that has been such a terrorizing little fuck. I have tolerated the clawing of couch, the jumping on counters, the guerrilla warfare attacks, and the tormenting of the other cat, but this cat does not comprehend any calm behaviour. It MUST go in every open cupboard, every open closet, every open bag, every open drawer. It MUST sneak into every room as soon as the door is open. It MUST climb my legs and body (clothed or not) to swat at any necklace or drawstring I am wearing. It MUST jump onto the highest spot in the room, and knock into everything in its path. It MUST chew on any exposed electrical cord or paper/books/documents in sight. I could go on...
My patience has (understandably) worn thin.
I am seven months pregnant, and I can barely muster enough composure to hold my stress in about that  (I have had no significant crazy outbursts as of yet!), and there is no leftover tolerance for this cat.
And so I air my expletive grievances to Husband about said cat. And how much I hate the cat. And how I want it gone. Like now.
Tonight I was told I am Disgusting. About how I treat said cat. About how much I hate said cat. About how I have no qualms about how I feel about said cat. He said it makes him sick to see this side of me.
I don't know how to react. Husband is entitled to his opinion, but so am I.
I do not hurt the cat. I do not light the cat on fire. I do not attempt to drown it or suffocate it or lock it in the hot dryer 'accidentally'.
I just figured I would have support behind me if I felt so strongly about something. He doesn't have to agree, but it would be nice to feel some sort of empathetic response....

On another note - anyone want a cat?