Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Better Late Than ......

I have been thinking about how to write this post for the last month or so. I want to give you a highlight of the goings on of the last few months but I don't want to bore you or draw it out too long. So let's try some haiku, shall we? Darkness consumed me Financial ropes cut deeply Job search continued All of a sudden A sign appeared from nowhere Light brightens the gloom New job brings some cash External learning means smarts Stress level soon gone More friends are pregnant My bits still despise children Though my heart does not We hung up pictures I guess that means we're staying (can't afford to move) Eight days til Europe Through Germany and Holland We are the Griswolds That's all I can think of for now. I will check in after the trip. There is more to talk about. Like how my husband thinks I am a drug addict. Or how my friends are going through major business problems and may lose their home. Or how I had two breakdowns on the job within two months at my new job. Both in front of my new boss. Yes. I am a winner. In the meantime, I have a homework project for you: can you tell me how you would explain depression & bi-polar disorder to someone who does not believe it is 'legit'? Thanks!

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